Making Learning Fun

How Does it Work?

Learning something new is always tricky, no matter your age or experience level Salah 3D is here to help! Our Book Mode walks you through each step in a simple and easy to learn way. If you struggle to pronounce a word you can simply tap on the Arabic words at anytime to hear a professional recitation of the word. We also have transliteration which shows the arabic words spelt in english to assist you further. 3D Mode is a fantastic feature which allows you to see the prayer in action along with translation!

Salah 3D Features

Made with love

We have taken great care to make Salah 3D as detailed as possible, from ensuring that all that data it contains is as accurate as possible an in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah to having a user friendly design.

  • TAP the Arabic words to HEAR RECITATION! - A must for BEGINNERS!
  • HD graphics!
  • Step by Step Book Mode
  • English translation
  • 3D Salah Animation – Watch a 3d animation of how to perform the prayer !

Comments & Suggestions

Designed for you!

We always do our best to keep our apps up to date with new and exciting features. However if at anytime you have an idea or would like to make a suggestion, we would be happy to listen. Just drop us email using the contact form above

User Review

  • This is the best salah app I have seen so far. It not only shows us how to pray in 3D mode, it also instructs us properly in the reading mode.

    – Silver Hawke, App Store User
  • Love it! Great for me and my kids :)

    – Science786, App Store User
  • I wish I had something like this when I was trying to learn how to pray, 5 stars!

    – Ali Ahmed, Android User
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